The liability adjusting services we provide include;



Delegated Authority




Locus Inspections

Settlement Discussions


LIABILITY INVESTIGATION – We provide an Investigation and Report only service, which involves discussions with Brokers, meeting with Insureds/experts/witnesses. We will identify and interview appropriate witnesses, and obtain all factual evidence which will ultimately be presented to a Court. We will establish an early reliable account of events in order to make an informed decision, to include points of coverage.

Liability Investigation

FIRST PARTY – We provide a competitively priced first party notification facility, with appropriate due diligence concerning cover, triaging and advice to Policyholders, leading to an appropriate cost effective solution, which can involve the appointment of experts and Adjusters alike.

 First Party
Delegated Authority

DELEGATED AUTHORITY – We are in partnership with a number of clients on a full delegated authority claims investigating and handling basis.


WITNESS STATEMENTS – CPR compliant statements address coverage, legal liability, quantum mitigation; across all classes of business.

Witness Statements
Risk Surveys

RISK SURVEYS – Our expertise in this area comes from our awareness of what is necessary to defend claims, unlike many Risk Surveyors. We stress test existing systems in light of potential claims and identify weaknesses and areas for improvement.


AUDITING – We have extensive experience of conducting audits of claims handling and processes including litigation, across the market range of Insurers, Adjusters, TPAs and Solicitors.

Locus  Inspections

LOCUS INSPECTIONS – Be it expert or lay our team is experienced at managing all aspects of an inspection from the highway, to the factory floor.


SETTLEMENT DISCUSSIONS – Be this a regular telephone discussion with an opponent, face to face Without Prejudice settlement negotiation at a Solicitors office, a JSM or multi-party roundtable discussion, our team are not only experienced, but proactively engage in discussing matters with opponents. We consider this to be a successful driver to the early settlement of liability and quantum issues.

Settlement Discussions